Cyber Security Unit


The research carried out by the members of BUCSU is a vital component for underpinning high-quality educational curricula, collaborative partnerships and maximising the University's contribution to regional, national and global economies.

Building on its research strengths and potential, the Unit has created a capability in cyber crime policing, homeland security, information assurance architecture, trust and risk management, security design, digital forensics, ethical hacking, human factors in security, cyber situational awareness  and security engineering. This multi-disciplinary, multi-sectorial research centre embodies the BU spirit of cross-framework collaboration and international cooperation.

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Dr Shamal Faily: Designing Security through Personas

Designing for security is hard without security getting in the way of design. Unfortunately, security is often promoted through fear and absolute necessity, so this message is lost. We have distilled the essence of four security design papers into a short documentary film called ‘Designing security through personas’; the film was created to present an account of security design in a positive, rather than negative, light.

The film’s visual and audio design is intended to instil the idea of mystery as a metaphor for security, and design as synonymous with solving the mystery. To complement the film’s narrative are scenes showing how data for personas is collected and analysed, and how personas are perceived and used to design secure software. The personas are based on forensic investigators to further reinforce the idea of security design as the unravelling of a mystery.

Designing Security through Personas from Shamal Faily on Vimeo.