Cyber Security Unit

About Us

Since 2012, Bournemouth University's Cyber Security Unit (BUCSU) has established its Global Security Theme around assured socio-technical systems; research led education and professional training through its CyberFIVE strategy.

BUCSU combines knowledge exchange, cyber situation awareness, collaborative research, security product development and education to enable the effective practice of cyber security within the UK and globally. Our experts provide professional and academic advice to Government Agencies, Corporations, Small & Medium Enterprises, Law Enforcement, Charities and Communities of Interest on many aspects of Cyber Security and Information Assurance; our global research is both multi-disciplinary and multi-sectorial and our Cyber Security Education programmes inspire innovation: driven by industry standards and best practice.

BUCSU CyberFIVE strategy develops:

[1] Creative multi-disciplinary solutions to a Hyperconnected World;

[2] Collaborative research (CSIAR) & international industry partnerships;

[3] Co-creation, global security education and continuous professional development;

[4] Community engagement and school outreach with CyberSMART activities

[5] Communication & sharing Professional Practice across multiple industry sectors

We have three laboratories to aid our education, research and understanding into the issues surrounding cyber security, cybercrime, digital forensics, the insider threat, situation awareness and system analysis.

We are expanding our knowledge portfolio with our association with the security industry, software developers, law enforcement and ongoing outreach and partnerships with local enterprise and schools.